CSIF Newsletter 2022

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Bye Bye to Poverty!!

Education has been variously defined by individuals, organisations and some schools of thought and each has its reason for so doing.

However, for the purpose of this article, education may be viewed as a systematic process of acquiring knowledge either through formal or informal approach or both, for the primary purpose of emancipating man from the shackles of ignorance for the betterment of him and his environment.

As time progresses, this primary and sole aim of education subsists, but the approach is fast changing in accordance with the global needs. Education, is essentially based on a tripod: Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor. While cognitive deals with the ability of the learner to identity and recognize items ( mental skills), the affective is basically concern with the learner’s attitude, emotions and feelings and the psychomotor domain focuses on the application and coordination of the motor skills, which majority need to survive in today’s world and even beyond.

Most youths are out of secondary school with beautiful results, yet remain unemployable, not necessarily because of lack of job opportunities but rather simply because they have no known acquired skill to fit into the current global educational needs.

Consequent upon this discovery, to help the teaming unemployed youths to discover themselves, CSIF (Chizoba Solar International Foundation, throws its door open to accommodation as many youths as are willing to be trained at almost fee free cost.

Identity your area of interest in our array of programmes: ICT, Solar training & installation, Sewing, Electronic, Electrical, English language, Catering, Hardware engineering and Entrepreneurship.

Your visit to our campus means saying BYE BYE to poverty

Eleodi, Chebem Peter.

Intensive program from November 2022-February 2023


We thank our administrator and his assistant for their wonderful assistance to CSIF. Now they are doing their youth service, we wish them well and ask God to bless them.

CSIF is very grateful to our dear administrator and his assistant, English- and solar instructors for their generous contributions to the growth of our organization and we are wishing them all the best!

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NGOs are diverse entities and their features are mostly shaped by the socio-economic, cultural, political and legal situation of a country. CHIZOBA SOLAR INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION was established as a vocational institute to aid youth empowerment in Nigeria and other African countries. The administration of this international foundation is run by the executive board which comprises of professionals in Germany and Nigeria. CSIF has the following features;

Non-Profit in functioning:

Non-Profit in functioning: CSIF is not meant for making profit for personal gain. As such, CSIF relies on a variety of funding sources from private donations and membership dues.


Values: CSIF addresses social, cultural, economic or political issues by inculcating the right values into the youths. CSIF works towards public good. 

Legally registered:

Legally registered: Although there may be unregistered NGOs working for a cause, CSIF is legally registered. Besides, only legally registered NGOs can access formal donations.


Non-criminal: CSIF do not indulge in anti-social and criminal activities. 

Youth empowerment:

Youth empowerment: CSIF has the best tutors and they help develop youths through skill acquisition. The foundation works with reputable instructors who have proven to be effective over many years. After the training sessions provided, they are able to produce highly skilled youths who can do various tasks in different fields. The training is not limited to just one program as there are a lot of vocational skills and sections in CSIF. These trainings will not only give them professional development but personal growth as it keeps the youths productive and focused.


Seminars/workshops: CSIF organizes free seminars and workshops as part of their awareness campaign. These events are geared towards educating the youth and public at large.


We are grateful to our German partners, THE ASSOCIATION PERSPEKTIVEN FÜR NIGERIA e.V. and the management of Dr. Alutu’s College of Excellence in Nnewi who gave us a space within the school premises for training without charge, until we are able to move to our permanent office which site has already been secured.

With your contributions and assistance, we are certain we will do more.